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Fab Fridays and Other Social Events for Gay/Bi/Trans Men in Santa Cruz (previously .org) organizes social events where gay men can make friends, start relationships, and have fun.  

Fab Friday is our monthly event – Held the last Friday of each month at rotating venues in Santa Cruz County.

Come Out and Play Santa Cruz!  

Fab Fridays

and Other Social Events for Gay and Bi Men in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz can be a challenging place for gay men to make friends, start relationships and have fun. To answer this challenge, we are creating fun, social events to bring the men of Santa Cruz together.

Come Out and Play Santa Cruz!

Its not about age, race, looks, money — whatever. That's not important. What is important? Getting together, interacting with each other and making new connections. We welcome everyone. Are you're ready to meet great guys and have some fun? Join us at our next event!

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